PROTOS® Barrier: The first-of-its-kind, and one-of-a-kind, technology for identifying unauthorised persons, for providing an early warning & in increasing intensity and for documenting barrier violations or vandalism through recordings. Personnel is informed of all hazardous situations via direct communication to the PROTOS® helmet.

PROTOS® Barrier: Application options guaranteeing a high level of safety and comfort in a wide variety of different functions and areas (forestry, construction, driven hunts, tree care, barriers etc.) and which represent a revolution in these areas of extreme danger. No fixed gates – access for authorised vehicles and equipment is possible at all times without having to get out.

PROTOS® Barrier


  • PROTOS® Barrier is a totally new development whose innovative technology redefines safety standards for blocking off dangerous areas.
  • PROTOS® Barrier for optimal safety, as temporary barriers can be put in place in such a way that there is both a clear and increasing warning with closer proximity, as well as advance warning if unauthorised persons enter the blocked-off area regardless.
  • PROTOS® Barrier guarantees seamless documentation from setup of the warning system to any ignoring of the system, should an accident or dangerous event occur as a result.
  • PROTOS® Barrier protects against accidents, especially in the case of people who are not involved in the work process.
  • PROTOS® Barrier is portable and can be used quickly and easily for temporary work situations.
  • PROTOS® Barrier: Can also be used to monitor machines and equipment for theft and sabotage.
  • PROTOS® Barrier: For the monitoring of environmental protection measures.
The portable barrier option unambiguously warns you about safety hazards in four different languages.
Visual and acoustic warning signals make work and supervision easier and more efficient for personnel.
Quick setup and easy operation for temporary work activities in a wide range of areas.