Protos® Integral Climber

    Being certified according to EN 397, EN 12492, EN 1077 and EN 1078, it is suitable for climbing as well as activities on the ground. A head protection for multiple areas of activity! Also suitable for technical accident rescue and rescue from heights. Even as a cycling and skiing helmet.



    • If the standard prescribes a head protection in accordance with EN 12492, the Protos® Integral Climber is the first choice. It is also suitable for the technical rescue for accident and from heights. Thanks to the modular principle, the Protos® Integral Climber can also be equipped for other missions. The profound neck shell of the ­Protos® Integral prevents slipping, even when working overhead. The ­Protos® Integral Climber is equipped with the CrashAbsorber. This consists to 95 % of air, offers 5-times shock absorption and leaves the air circulation in the Protos® unaffected. Version also available as ANSI Z89.1.

    • The incomparable wear comfort and the enhanced safety also make the Protos® Integral Climber perfect for use on the ground. The Protos® Integral Climber is equipped with a chin strap and the ­CrashAbsorber. With this equipment it also fulfils the standard EN 12492 ­and is thus perfectly suited as head protection for climbing and cycling. In terms of comfort the Protos® Integral Climber is identical to the Protos® Integral Industry and has no noticeable extra weight. The Protos® can be equipped with original accessories at any time.

    • For safety reasons, the outer Protos® shell should be replaced every 5 years (starting from the manufacturing date). This is available separately. For hygiene reasons, we recommend washing the main support pads regularly and replacing them every 2–3 years in case of daily use.

    • Size

      One size (54–62), LS: 56–64

    • Patents and design patents

      EP Nr. 2 498 636
      EU design no. 1731167
      Swiss design no. 137 620
      US design pat. no. D677,006
      EP Patent No. 2 498 635
      DE patent no. 10 2011 054 945
      EU design no. 1 974 528
      EP design no. 2012 101 489

      Further national and international patents and designs are pending, in particular for the interior equipment as well as the CrashAbsorber.


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