Protos® Integral

PROTOS ® – from ancient Greek, THE FIRST – is the first integral protective helmet of its kind. The more than 12 year development process aimed at integrating ear, face and neck protection, with a chinstrap and rear ventilation between the inner and outer shell.

Thanks to its certifications according to the EN 397 and EN 12492 standards, the "Protos® Integral System can be used for forestry, tree care and climbing in a matter of seconds. Chin strap, visor, neck protection, ear protection - everything is integrated and modular at the same time:


10x MORE Comfort

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The Protos® Integral is a very versatile product. Get more information about the different types of the Protos® Integral and how it can help you in your daily work.

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Protos Integral


1/10 Large field of view

Largest field of view compared to all tested helmets on the market with maximum visibility all-round.

2/10 Neck protection

The neck protection shell protects the back of the head in case of falls and impact, and averts the risk of skull base fracture.

3/10 Improved Safety

The sporty 2-colour combination offers a 35% larger visible area. The thus significantly increased visibility provides the wearer with a great advantage in poor visibility conditions (leaves, coniferous forest, sunlight, etc.) in all seasons.

4/10 Shock absorption

The special damping structure (3-point suspension and shock absorber) of the inner shell dampens shocks and prevents transmission directly to the head or spine.

5/10 Impact protection

For the first time, with certification to EN 397 and EN 12492, Protos® can offer protection against not only vertical, but also horizontal shocks. This results in a new type of "all-round protection".

6/10 Inner Shell

Its sophisticated inner shell ensures that the helmet fits you like a glove. In case of impact, the energy is distributed over a large area and absorbed.

7/10 Additional Protection

Since the ear protection is always located at the head, in both the active and the passive state, it also provides additional impact protection.

8/10 Safety ventilation gate

The safety ventilation gate provides multiple safety features where they really count. Horizontal and vertical shocks are absorbed by the additional shell before forces can act on the main helmet.

9/10 CrashAbsorber

5-layer shock absorption. The Koroyd energy absorption insert consists of 95 % air and offers fully ventilated protection. The CrashAbsorber makes the effects of impacts visible and indicates when the wearer should replace the protection.

10/10 Protective glasses

Protos® Integral protective glasses offer unsurpassed stability at extreme temperatures. The position of the glasses can be individually adjusted. The glasses are clipped to the head band and the active or passive state can be changed with just two fingers in no time.

10x MORE Comfort

1/10 Integrated ear protection

Thanks to the integrated ear protection, there are no protruding attachments to get caught by branches. The contact pressure on the ear muff hearing protection mounting can be precisely adjusted.

2/10 Integrated face protection

2 major advantages of the integrated face protection: Working without getting caught on branches or thorns and maximum all-round visibility.

3/10 Neck shell

Improved fit and grip with a large adjustable neck shell. The helmet is therefore securely fitted on your head even without a chin strap.

4/10 Active ventilation

The design enables active ventilation. The ventilation ducts on the upper side can be opened or closed with a slide. The helmet can thus be set to hot/cold/damp weather.

5/10 Special chin strap guide

In order to ensure that the chin strap does not slip under the ear protection, we have fitted a guide tab to the neck shell. Wearing comfort and noise absorption are thus not adversely affected.

6/10 KlimaAIR® technology

Outstanding sweat transport with large replaceable pad inserts with Klima-AIR Technology.

7/10 Size adjustment

With the patented size adjustment, the helmet can be easily pulled on and off by activating or deactivating the neck shell. Once a size has been set, it will remain so, which means that no readjustment is necessary.

8/10 2 finger operable

All functions available with just 2 fingers. The same applies to the ear protection that can be fitted in an activated state to the integrated shell between head and helmet.

9/10 KlimaAIR® set

The complete KlimaAIR® set can be removed and is machine washable at max. 30°C. For hygiene reasons, we recommend washing the main support pads regularly and replacing them after 2-3 years at the latest.

10/10 Perfect communications

Perfect communication despite large distances and noisy environments. The 3M Peltorcommunication solutions make it possible.

Technical information

  • Shell- and ear-protection material made of ABS (incl. UV-protection)
  • Adjustable helmet size: 54-62 cm
  • All parts fully integrated under the shell
  • The visor is produced by using a special etching technology (DIN EN 1731:2007-02) 
  • Adjustable pressure fitting for the ear protection (DIN EN 352-3)



Technical information

  • Shell- and ear-protection material made of ABS (incl. UV-protection)
  • Adjustable helmet size: 54-62 cm
  • All parts fully integrated under the shell
  • The visor is produced by using a special etching technology (DIN EN 1731:2007-02) 
  • Adjustable pressure fitting for the ear protection (DIN EN 352-3)



Types of Protos® Integral

The Protos® Integral is available in four versions. It has special equipment for its various uses, to ensure the best solution for every job.





Protos® Integral Industry

Revolution on the industry helmet market

All started out as an idea for the forestry and has now developed through certification and patents to a perfect match for the industry businesses. The Protos® Integral Industry offers the same comfort and security characteristics as the forestry or climber version and is extremely flexible in his equipment. With few simple steps, the Industry helmet can be transformed into the Climber helmet. All accessories, like the ear or the face protection, is modular. A helmet for any use!

Security & Comfort

All 10 advantages of our Protos® Integral Forest and Arborist are transferable to the Industry. The innovative inner life with the KlimaAIR® technology offers an unbeatable additional value for the carrier. The daily work life becomes easier and more pleasant because of active ventilation and a perfect fit to any head size. Further accessories, like a Perspex face protection or a holder for the protection glasses Nexus, are in development process. 

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Protos® Integral Forest

The helmet for the hardest missions.

The Protos® Integral protection helmet with the certification after EN395, EN252-3 and EN1731, is the optimal choice for the hardest missions. No matter if it is wet and cold or dry and hot.  Because of the magnificent back of the head ventilation, the head always keep cool and dry and the visor offers the maximal view and is resistant against low temperatures.


The capacity that makes our Protos® Integral so unique, is the integral solution. We achieved that all accessories are integrated in the helmet shell. Therefore, you are not able to get caught at branches, undergrowth or other obstacles!


For individual request, please click here!

Protos® Integral Arborist

Flexibility, which excites!

The Protos® Integral Arborist with its certification after EN12492 can be used for forest, tree care and climbing operations. Chin strap, visor, neck protection and ear protection – everything is integral and at the same time modular. The Protos® fits perfect thanks to the profound neck shell – no matter if you are working over head or in inclined position, the Protos® Integral mediates secure hold. Due to the difficulty in getting the hands free at height, the entire modular principle can be adjusted with only two fingers!

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Protos® Integral Climber

Convincing in any field

The Protos® Integral Climber is equipped with chin strap and our CrashAbsorber. The achieved norms EN12492 and EN1079 make him the perfect head protection for climbing and cycling. The Protos® Integral Climber also meets the high standards of comfort as the other version do. They are all based up on the Protos® Industry.


Furthermore, this Protos® version is also based on the modular principles, where at any time accessories can be added or released. In this version, the chin strap and the CrashAbsorber are included.


Beside that, all color variations are available as with the other models. We offer the six basic colors red, blue, yellow, orange, white and green. Likewise, we offer customized stickers in dark grey and neon-yellow.


For individual request concerning the stickers, please click here!


3M™Peltor™ communications solution for Protos® Integral

 You can already order 5 certified 3M™Peltor™ communications solutions. This means that Protos® offers the very best in communications options. Depending on equipment, 3M™Peltor™ communications solutions offer a variety of options. Radio reception, external microphones, and unlimited communications channels are just part of their incredible potential. 

Contact your dealer for more information about the potential of 3M™Peltor™ with Protos® Integral for your business.


Litecom PLUS

WS Litecom

WS Alert XP

WS Protac XP


The 3M™ Peltor™ communications solution offers 8 channels and 38 sub-channels. Sub-channels 1 - 38 are fully compatible with other LiteCom systems. This communication solution is powered by batteries and has a range of up to 3km outdoors.

The microphone is noise-compensating, for clear communications even in very noisy conditions. The VOX function allows you to send without the need to press a button.

LiteCom Plus

The 3M™ Peltor™ LiteCom® Plus communications solution enables wireless communications when working. On 8 channels and 121 sub-channels you will always find space for uninterrupted communication. Sub-channels 1 - 38 are fully compatible with other LiteCom systems.

The system has a range of up to 3 km outdoors, and is compatible with PMR446 handheld radios. In addition, this version from 3M features an external microphone on the radio capsules, which absorbs ambient noise and plays it in stereo via the capsule. With the voice recognition in the microphone; a hands-free communication is possible. If left unused, the system switches off automatically. 

Furhermore, the 3M™ Peltor™ LiteCom Plus communication solution also provides connections for external radios or audio sources.

WS LiteCom

The 3M™ Peltor™ WS LiteCom® communication solution enables wireless communications over 8 channels and 38 sub-channels, with a range of up to 2km outdoors at high transmission power. It also has an integral Bluetooth interface for wireless connection to a mobile phone or other Bluetooth-compatible device. Radio messages and phone calls can be made simultaneously. 

A mobile phone or another wireless device can be connected with a suitable cable. The active ear protection with playback of ambient sound in stereo ensures that nothing important is left unheard and offers a volume limit. The microphone compensates for ambient noise, making it possible to communicate clearly even in noisy conditions.

WS Alert XP

The 3M™ Peltor™ WS Alert XP communication solution enables not only the communication via Bluetooth but also the reception of radio on FM frequencies. An external microphone transmits ambient sounds to the ear protection muffs. A mobile phone can be connected to the WS Alert XP system via Bluetooth, so that it can be used as a headset. The microphone suppresses ambient noise and thus enables communication without annoying background sounds. The 3.5mm jack can also be used to connect other external music sources.

WS ProTac XP

The 3M™ Peltor™ WS ProTac XP radio communication solution is intended for all those who also need a Bluetooth connection besides the ear protection in daily use. This Bluetooth connection enables the streaming of internet radio, MP3 player and smartphone. In addition, the radio capsules from 3M also have a 3.5mm jack. The external microphone transmits the ambient noise onto the inside of the ear protection muffs. Thus, nothing important remains unheard. Additional microphones can be connected to the WS ProTac XP's interface via the the type *-77's flex cable.


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Recue Challenge / TRT-LOTTE Team

The TRT-LOTTEteam at the Rescue Challenge in Storkowprovided impressive proof of the fact that the Protos® Integral is the ultimate benchmark not just in the forestry sector. Various rescue scenarios put the team to the acid test in front of an enthusiastic audience. The team gave high praise to the Protos® Integral especially for its wearing comfort and appearance, and even the celebrities in the audience appreciated the product (photo).

Forest party in Raabsan der Thaya

The forest party in Raabsan der Thaya (Waldviertel region, Lower Austria) on 4-5 May was a great success for the organiser. More than 30 exhibitors put together an interesting programme for the event’s approx. 2500 visitors. We of course were there with our Protos® Intergraland got the chance to fit a young lady (winner of the forest competition) with our Protos.

The first delivery is on it's way!

It is ready!

The first helmets are underway and more deliveries will follow.
We have been working full speed to deliver the open orders as fast as possible.

Thanks to all of you, who ordered in advance for your patience and trust!


At the speed of light!

Dear customers and dealers!
The production line is running at top speed and our employees are putting their best effort forward to complete as many helmets as possible for the first delivery.

At this point we would like to thank everyone again for your patience and overwhelming trust in us.
We will keep our promise – the Protos Integral is definitely underway.

We officially passed the EN397 Forest certification!

Contrary to our expectations, it took almost an entire year for the 45 testing procedures to be completed.  Just this week we received the approval for the Forest and Industry protective helmets. The approval for the Arborist protective helmet is expected in calendar week 45.
The concept and construction of the Protos® Integral have remained the same since its conception.  We didn’t want to or need to make any compromises in order to pass the certification tests!


AUSTROFOMA from 6th to 8th October 2015

AUSTROFOMA is the only Austrian forestry machine and device demonstration where all the machines on display are shown performing real-life tasks, unlike standard exhibitions where they are only seen while stationary. Protos® Integral will be there to show why he is called the safest head protection. Meet us at our fair stand in the AustroFoma village (Nr. 1 & 2)!

A+A in Düsseldorf form 27th to 30th October 2015

A+A is the world's largest and most important specialist trade fair for all aspects of safety and security. The main focus will be on innovative products, the latest trends and scientific discoveries as well as the most important developments in the areas of safety at work, security at work, health at work and specialised equipment for disaster management. We will be there together with Pfanner Protection Clothing to inform about our product novelties and innovations. Meet us at our stand H56 in hall 03!

Bauma 2016 from 11th to 17th April in Munich

The bauma ist the world's leading trade fair for construction, building material and mining machines and construction vehicles and equipment sets future trends. International producers present their product highlights for the specific industry. We will present our Protos® Integral Industry with all his individual characteristics and possibilities. Meet us at our booth stand!

RETTmobil 2016 from 11th to 13th May in Fulda

The RETTmobil is the leading exhibition for rescue and mobility in Europe. More than 470 exhibitioner from 20 nations present their products and service in the field of bluelight-organizations. Protos® Integral is a perfect partner for such organizations and therefore we will be at the boot to present ourselves. Meet us at our booth stand!

Internationale Holzmesse in Klagenfurt from 1st to 4th September 2016

With more than 460 exhibtors from 22 nations, the Internationale Holzmesse/HOLZ&BAU is one of the most important meeting points for the forestry industry. At the fair, you can discover all trends and innovations of Protos® Integral and Pfanner Protection Clothing. Meet us at our stand!



Protos in action


Protos production

KWF 2012



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