Protos® Integral

PROTOS translated from ancient Greek: THE FIRST – the first full integral protective helmet of it's kind.


It took 12 years of development to match our ambition to fully integrate ear-, facial-, neck-, and chin-protection and the ventilation between the inner and outer shell.

The PROTOS® INTEGRAL provides a new dimension in head protection:


8x MORE Comfort

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Range of use

The Protos® Integral is a very versatile product. Get more information about the different types of the Protos® Integral and how it can help you in your daily work.

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Protos Integral


1/8 Perfect all-around view

Greater field of view, compared to all tested helmets on the market, offers maximum all round visibility. 

2/8 Neck protection

The neck protector guards the back of the head from impacts when falling and minimizes the danger of basal skull fractures.

3/8 Increased visibility

The sporty 2 colour combination has 35 % more visible surface. The highly increased visibility gives the wearer a great advantage in situations where they might be hard to spot (foliage, coniferous woodland, blinding sunlight etc. - no matter what season) 

4/8 Cushioning system

Due to the special cushioning construction (3-point mounting and antishock pads) of the interior shell, impacts are effectively absorbed and not transferred to the head or spine.  

5/8 Impact protection

The protective helmet Protos, with its first-time certification of the standards EN 397 and EN 12492, not only protects from vertical but also from horizontal impacts. This results in innovative “all-round-protection”.  

6/8 Force diffusion Interior Shell

Due to the elaborate interior shell, the helmet fits perfectly to the head. In the case of impact, the energy is spread out over a large area and absorbed. 

7/8 additional shock protection

As the hearing protection is always worn, whether actively working or not, it serves as additional shock protection.  

8/8 Safety ventilation slit

The safety ventilation slit offers greater protection exactly where it is needed. Horizontal and vertical impacts are absorbed by the additional shell before the energy affects the main helmet. 

8x MORE Comfort

1/8 Integrated hearing protection     

Due to the integrated ear protection, there are no prominent parts to get caught on branches. The adjustable pressure fitting of the ear protectors allows for a perfect fit.  

2/8 Integrated face protection

Two great advantages of the integrated facial protection: you can work without getting caught on twigs or thorns while having an incredible field of visibility. 

3/8 fits perfectly

Better hold on the head due to the extensive adjustable neck piece. The helmet fits perfectly even without the chin strap.  

4/8 active ventilation

The special construction guarantees active ventilation (Air may flow in from all sides and exhaust through the ventilation channels on top). The ventilation channels may be closed or opened with a push lever. This way you can adjust the helmet to warm, cold or wet conditions. 

5/8 mounted chin strap

We have attached a special channel for the chin strap so that it does not slip under the ear protector. Wearing comfort and noise cushioning are ensured.  

6/8 Klima-air technology

Extraordinary wicking of perspiration via large and exchangeable pads with Klima-AIR technology.  

7/8 size adjustment

Our patented size adjustment makes the helmet easy to put on or off by activating or deactivating the neck part. Once you adjusted its size, you will not have to adjust it again. 

8/8 2-finger-system 

All functions are operable with just 2 fingers. Even the ear protection can be deactivated by pushing it into the integrated garage between the outer helmet shell and the head. 

Technical information

  • Shell- and ear-protection material made of ABS (incl. UV-protection)
  • Adjustable helmet size: 54-62 cm
  • All parts fully integrated under the shell
  • The visor is produced by using a special etching technology (DIN EN 1731:2007-02) 
  • Adjustable pressure fitting for the ear protection (DIN EN 352-3)



Technical information

  • Shell- and ear-protection material made of ABS (incl. UV-protection)
  • Adjustable helmet size: 54-62 cm
  • All parts fully integrated under the shell
  • The visor is produced by using a special etching technology (DIN EN 1731:2007-02) 
  • Adjustable pressure fitting for the ear protection (DIN EN 352-3)



Range of use

Find the suitable Protos® Integral for your demands:




Protos® Integral Industry

Revolution on the market for industrial helmets!

What started out as an idea for forestry became a reality for the industrial sector as well through patents and certifications. The Protos Integral Industry offers all the comfort & safety aspects of the forest and climbing helmet and is extremely flexible in the available features. We offer plain coloured helmets also especially to distinguish the fields of competence in industry. In a few simple steps, the industry helmet can be converted into a climbing helmet. The entire range of accessories, for example hearing and face protection, is modular.  One helmet for every challenge!


Safety & comfort

All advantages of the 8-star system of the Protos Integral Forest and Arborist apply to the Industry version. Especially the innovative interior, including Klima-Air technology, offers unbeatable additional value for the wearer. Active ventilation and an absolutely perfect fit make the daily work easier.

Further accessories, for example Plexiglas® face protection made of Polycarbonate, are in progress. In addition to this, we intend to make a clasp for the Nexus safety glasses, in order to mount them easily on the helmet.

For an individual request about the Protos® Integral Industry please click here!

Protos® Integral Forest

The helmet for the toughest challenges.

The Protos® Integral protective helmet with its certification according to EN397, EN352-3 and EN1731, is a reliable partner for heavy duty action and extreme weather conditions from cold and wet to hot and dry temperatures. Thanks to the extraordinary ventilation system, your head stays cool and dry. The high-tech visor offers maximum visibility and won't freeze even in extreme minus temperatures. The feature that makes the Protos® Integral so unique is the “integral solution”. We succeeded in integrating all crucial/accessory parts within the helmet shell. This way you cannot get caught on twigs, brushwood or other obstacles. 

For individual requests about the Protos® Integral Forest please click here!

Protos® Integral Arborist

Inspiring Flexibility

The Protos® Integral Arborist has been certified according to the European Standard (EN) 12492 for use in forestry, tree care and climbing services.  The chin strap, visor, neck protector and earmuffs are an integral part and at the same time modular units.  Thanks to the well-fitted neck piece, the helmet stays put perfectly even when working in an inclined position or up-side down and conveys a secure feeling.  While working in the trees, it is particularly difficult to have one’s hands free, which is why we kept the handling simple – everything can be adjusted with just two fingers!

For individual requests about the Protos® Integral Arborist please click here!


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Recue Challenge / TRT-LOTTE Team

The TRT-LOTTEteam at the Rescue Challenge in Storkowprovided impressive proof of the fact that the Protos® Integral is the ultimate benchmark not just in the forestry sector. Various rescue scenarios put the team to the acid test in front of an enthusiastic audience. The team gave high praise to the Protos® Integral especially for its wearing comfort and appearance, and even the celebrities in the audience appreciated the product (photo).

Forest party in Raabsan der Thaya

The forest party in Raabsan der Thaya (Waldviertel region, Lower Austria) on 4-5 May was a great success for the organiser. More than 30 exhibitors put together an interesting programme for the event’s approx. 2500 visitors. We of course were there with our Protos® Intergraland got the chance to fit a young lady (winner of the forest competition) with our Protos.

The first delivery is on it's way!

It is ready!

The first helmets are underway and more deliveries will follow.
We have been working full speed to deliver the open orders as fast as possible.

Thanks to all of you, who ordered in advance for your patience and trust!


At the speed of light!

Dear customers and dealers!
The production line is running at top speed and our employees are putting their best effort forward to complete as many helmets as possible for the first delivery.

At this point we would like to thank everyone again for your patience and overwhelming trust in us.
We will keep our promise – the Protos Integral is definitely underway.

We officially passed the EN397 Forest certification!

Contrary to our expectations, it took almost an entire year for the 45 testing procedures to be completed.  Just this week we received the approval for the Forest and Industry protective helmets. The approval for the Arborist protective helmet is expected in calendar week 45.
The concept and construction of the Protos® Integral have remained the same since its conception.  We didn’t want to or need to make any compromises in order to pass the certification tests!


Agritechnica 2013

People, technology, innovations –the future of agricultural engineering! From 10to 16 November 2013 the next AGRITECHNICAwill be held at the exhibition grounds in Hanover. At the most important internationaltrade show for agricultural engineering, exhibitors from around the world present their technological products for professional crop production.
Stand Protos&Pfanner: Hall 26 Stand F34


TCI EXPO 2013 is the world’s largest tree care trade show. This makes it an ideal platform for our Protos Integral Arboristand Forest. Here you can find out all you need to know about tree care, equipment, clothing, machines and know-how. We and our partner Treestufflook forward to your visit on
14-16 November in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Offshore Europe 2013

At the Offshore Europe 2013 it gets down to business with more than 1,500 exhibitors from the oil and gas industry. Around 48,000 visitors are expected to attend, which we would like to introduce to our Protos Integral System. The Protos Integral Industry in particular will be showcased for the first time in such an environment and is unlikely to go unnoticed. We will be supported by our partner Clark Forest for whom this trade fair is now a home game. Stop by and visit us on 3-6 September 2013 in Aberdeen (UK)

Energyeurope 2013 at Copenhagen

If you're interested in sustainable energy and sustainability in general then the Energyeuropeis just what you’re looking for. And our Protos Integral with is uncompromising sustainability features fits right in. If you would like to know more, come and visit our Stand (C4-009), where you will also findour partner Vermeer from Denmark.
23-25 May 2013 in Copenhagen

A+A Düsseldorf 2013

Messe A+A in Düsseldorf is an international trade show for personal protection, occupational safety and health at work and includes a congress and special shows. More than 1,500 exhibitors from more than 60 countries present their range of products and services for individual protection, collective safety and health and safety and work at the A+A Messe Düsseldorf. Exhibits range from protective items for individual body parts, safety equipment for emergency services and fire protection systems to ergonomic office furniture.
Come and visit us at Stand 3J52 on 8 November 2013 in Düsseldorf (Germany)

Elmia Wood Sweden 2013

If you want to achieve a lot at just one event, then the Elmia Wood is for you. This is the place to learn about all the latest technical innovations from the major machine manufacturers, reconnect with contacts, establish new contacts, get suggestions and pick up all kinds of new ideas.  Welcome to the No. 1 trade show in forestry taking place June 5 – 8, 2013!

Protos Booth Number: 822
Pfanner Booth Number: 820

Forestry fairy Luzern 2013

See the new Protos Integral @ Luzern 2013, 15. - 18. august



Protos in action

Protos production

KWF 2012



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