Protos® - translated from ancient Greek THE FIRST - is the first integral safety helmet of its kind. Over more than 12 years of development, the goal to integrate ear, facial and neck protection, as well as chin strap and rear ventilation between the inner and outer shells, has been pursued and successfully implemented. Let yourself be impressed with the best head protection in the world!

WHAT IS THE Protos® Integral?



The Protos® Integral can be used in many areas:
Hunting & Tracking
Tree Care
Work Protection

Each Protos® version is based on the base model (industry). Thus, you will all have the same shell along with an uncomplicated, modular principle. This principle makes it possible for any accessories, such as the Protos® Integral Protective Glasses, the Protos® Integral Metal Visor or the Protos® Maclip Light to be easily and automatically added or removed.

Being certified in accordance with EN 397, EN 12492, EN 1077, EN 1078 and ANSI Z89.1, the Protos® Integral ensures the best protection for all its model variants. Bumps and impacts from outside are evenly distributed on the outer shell, thereby being better cushioned. The Protos® Integral system can be adapted within seconds to industry, forestry, tree care, rescue and climbing applications. Also suitable as a ski and bicycle helmet.

Despite all their individuality, the various model types have one thing in common: Upmost safety, best wear comfort and unique technology standards have been top priorities during development.

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Protos® IntegralIndustry

Protos® IntegralClimber

Protos® IntegralForest

Protos® IntegralArborist

Protos® IntegralCustomized


  • 1 Large field of view

    Largest field of view compared to all tested helmets on the market with maximum visibility all-round.

  • 2 Neck protection

    The neck protection shell protects the back of the head in case of falls and impact, and averts the risk of skull base fracture.

  • 3 Improved safety

    The sporty 2-colour combination offers a 35% larger visible area. The thus significantly increased visibility provides the wearer with a great advantage in poor visibility conditions (leaves, coniferous forest, sunlight, etc.) in all seasons.

  • 4 Shock absorption

    The special damping structure (3-point suspension and shock absorber) of the inner shell dampens shocks and prevents transmission directly to the head or spine.

  • 5 Impact protection

    For the first time, with certification to EN 397 and EN 12492, Protos® can offer protection against not only vertical, but also horizontal shocks. This results in a new type of "all-round protection".

  • 6 Inner shell

    Its sophisticated inner shell ensures that the helmet fits you like a glove. In case of impact, the energy is distributed over a large area and absorbed.

  • 7 Additional Protection

    Since the ear protection is always located at the head, in both the active and the passive state, it also provides additional impact protection.

  • 8 Safety ventilation gate

    The safety ventilation gate provides multiple safety features where they really count. Horizontal and vertical shocks are absorbed by the additional shell before forces can act on the main helmet.

  • 9 CrashAbsorber

    5-layer shock absorption with CrashAbsorber technology. The Koroyd energy absorption insert consists of 95 % air and offers fully ventilated protection. The CrashAbsorber makes the effects of impacts visible and indicates when the wearer should replace the protection.

  • 10 Protective glasses

    Protos® Integral protective glasses offer unsurpassed mechanical stability at extreme temperatures from -5°C – +55°C. I The position of the glasses can be individually adjusted to any head shape. The glasses are clipped to the head band so that they are always there. The active or passive state can be changed with just two fingers in no time.

  • 1 Integrated ear protection

    Thanks to the integrated ear protection, there are no protruding attachments to get caught by branches. The contact pressure on the ear muff hearing protection mounting can be precisely adjusted.

  • 2 Integrated face protection

    2 major advantages of the integrated face protection: Working without getting caught on branches or thorns and maximum all-round visibility.

  • 3 Neck shell

    Improved fit and grip with a large adjustable neck shell. The helmet is therefore securely fitted on your head even without a chin strap.

  • 4 Active ventilation

    The design enables active ventilation. The ventilation ducts on the upper side can be opened or closed with a slide. The helmet can thus be set to hot/cold/damp weather.

  • 5 Special chin strap guide

    In order to ensure that the chin strap does not slip under the ear protection, we have fitted a guide tab to the neck shell. Wearing comfort and noise absorption are thus not adversely affected.

  • 6 Klima-AIR® Technology

    Outstanding sweat transport with large replaceable pad inserts with Klima-AIR Technology.

  • 7 Size adjustment

    With the patented size adjustment, the helmet can be easily pulled on and off by activating or deactivating the neck shell. Once a size has been set, it will remain so, which means that no readjustment is necessary.

  • 8 2 Finger operable

    All functions available with just 2 fingers. The same applies to the ear protection that can be fitted in an activated state to the integrated shell between head and helmet.

  • 9 KlimaAIR® Set

    The complete KlimaAIR® set can be removed and is machine washable at max. 30°C. For hygiene reasons, we recommend washing the main support pads regularly and replacing them after 2-3 years at the latest.

  • 10 Perfekte Kommunikation

    Perfect communication even over long distances and loud ambient noises. The Protos® BT-COM Communication System makes this possible.



Protos® BT-COM for Protos® Intergral

The Protos® Integral BT-COM guarantees trouble-free communication. Bluetooth® technology means that the connection is not affected by sparking cranes or the like at ranges of up to several hundred metres. The microphone suppresses ambient noise and enables perfect communication.
A single multifunction button and volume controls make the Bluetooth® communication system easy to use with just one finger. The entire technology is built into the hearing protection capsule, which means that there are no cables and unrestricted freedom of movement is guaranteed. The radio can be easily charged at any USB port using the supplied USB Charging Clip.

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